Equipment for Rent

From office trailers to pressure washers, Central Equipment maintains more than 400 pieces of brand name equipment and tools that are available to rent. This means that you can have access to our huge inventory quickly, without the expenses associated with purchasing. Avoid financing, storage, and maintenance fees and other overhead costs by renting the items you need from Central Equipment. Plus, we stand behind every piece of equipment we rent.

Click one of the categories below to view our Rental Equipment.


 A-G  H-O  P-Z 
-A-  -H- Hammer Drill-P- Pallet Truck
  Aerator, Lawn  Hardwood Nailer Paving Breakers
  Air Compressor  Heat Gun Pedestal Fan
  Air Hose  Heaters, Torpedo Pintle Hitch
  Air Regulator  Heaters, Ground Pipe Cutter
  Air Scaler  Hedge Trimmers Pipe Threader
  Air Tamper  High Top Spacers Pipe Wrench
  Aluminum Break  Hillman Rollers Planer
    Hoists Plate Tamper
    Homeowner Items Platform Lifts
    Hopper Gun Porta Band Saw 
    Hose - Air Porta Power
    Hose - Discharge Post Hole Digger (two person)
    Hose - Garden Post Hole Digger (skid-steer)
    Hose - Pressure Washer Pour Pot
    Hose - Suction Power Broom
    Hydraulic Jacks Power Trowel 
 -B-Blowers   Pressure Washers
 -C-Compaction   Pumps
 Concrete Items 
 -L-Lawn Care -R-Road Saws
 Construction Site
Light Plants
 -D-Demolition Tools -O-Office Trailers (Job Site)
Shop Vac, Wet/Dry
 -F-Facilities Maintenance Snow Blowers
 Fans    -T-Tamper, Plate
 Floor Saw   Tools
 -G-Generators   Trailers (Job Site)


Don’t have time to pick up your equipment? For a small fee (to cover our costs), we’ll deliver it to your business or job site.