Equipment Rental Categories H-O

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Home Owner

Bag Cart (hand cart) 

Floor Buffers

Small, 16 in. diameter, electric

Heavy Duty, Clark FM 1700

Stripping Disc with 6 carbide inserts for floor prep

Hillman Rollers

3 ton set

40 ton set

Johnson Bar

Linoleum Rollers

100 lbs, manual push

Small hand roller

Refrigerator Cart, with straps

Scissor Lifts (electric)     

                  Haulotte Model 2032E

Width: 32 in.
Platform Height: 20 ft 3 in.
Working Height: 26 ft 3 in. 

Haulotte Model 2747E

Width: 47 in."
Platform Height: 26 ft 8 in.
Working Height: 32 ft 8 in.

Tar Pot and Accessories

    Tar Pot, 35 gallon

    Pour Pot (handheld)


Wall Paper Steamer

-Material Handling

Material Handling

Hydraulic Jack
    5 tons
    12 1/2 tons
    60 tons
Lift Table (Shop Table)
    Capacity: 750 lb
    Max Lift: 44”
Pallet Truck, 5500 lb
Porta Power, 10 ton
Post Hole Digger, Two-Person, gasoline engine
       Post Hole Digger Bits
             6" auger x 36" length
             8" auger x 36" length

             12” auger x 36" length

             12" Extension

Skid Steer
    Tire Mounted
    Track Mounted

        Post Hole Digger Attachment

            6" Auger x

            12" Auger x

            18" Auger x
       Forks, Bracket Mount
       Forks, Clamp Mount
Vermette Lift (for sheet metal ductwork)
     Capacity: 500 lb
     Max Lift: 12 ft.

-Lawn Care

     Spikes, tow-behind, must be weighted down   
Brush Hog, Billy Goat 
Edging Tools (for mulch beds)
        Bed Bug, gasoline, walk-behind
        Edger, gasoline, walk-behind, must buy blade

Hedge Trimmers, gasoline
    24 in.
    36 in.
Lawn Rollers (tow-behind)

    24 in. wide x 18 in. diameter
        51 lbs empty          
        225 lbs full of water
    36 in. wide x 24 in. diameter
        195 lbs empty
        850 lbs full of water
Log Splitter, tow-behind
Mower, push mower, mixed fuel
Snow Blowers (gasoline, walk-behind)
     Large, 8 hp, 2 stage, 24" width
Sod Cutter
    Manual, small
    Gas Powered
    Gasoline engine
    Hand held seed spreader
    Drop, tow-behind
    Rotary, walk-behind
Stone Rake, 5 ft wide, tow-behind
Water Tank, 250 gallon, fiberglass 
Weed Eaters
         Plastic Twine
         Brush Knife
         Saw Tooth Blade